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Gather all available information and data, including site characteristics, governmental agency requirements, community environment, market potentials and other relevant factors.

Site Characteristics:

  • Dimensions and size
  • Topography
  • Geology
  • Vegetation
  • Easements
  • Set-backs
  • Environmental factors
  • Infrastructure
  • Circulation
  • Other opportunities or constraints

Government Agency Requirements:

  • Zoning and code considerations
  • FAR and height requirements/limitations
  • Interface with special agencies (e.g., California Coastal Commission)
  • Off-site improvements required (e.g., circulation, utilities)
  • Possibilities of zoning and height district upgrades

Community Environment:

  • Active homeowners/business groups in the community
  • Historical advocacy positions
  • Degree of influence on government agencies
  • Likely impact on the project

Market Potential:

  • Survey of land use patterns in the region
  • Review of recent development patterns in the community
  • Market area population and purchasing power
  • Share of market captured by the project
  • Definition of potential land uses for the project
  • Estimates of rates of absorption

Other Factors Unique to the Project:

    .... these factors are defined during the research phase