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Combine the variables in each category into a pre-determined number of scenarios. Through each analytical iteration, using Ghaffari Associates' microcomputer facilities and spreadsheet programs, the development schemes, first, will be narrowed down to a prioritized subset. Next, the alternatives will be evaluated and compared to determine the relative advantages and disadvantages of each scheme.

Iteration 1.

Eliminate those alternatives that are deemed impractical because they are:
  • financially not feasible
  • politically unattainable
  • legally improbable

Iteration 2.

Further reduce the number of alternatives by discarding those schemes based on, or resulting in, overly optimistic or pessimistic situations.

Iteration 3.

Compare and evaluate the remaining alternative scenarios and rank the schemes by applying pre-determined criteria, including:
  • level of achieving client's goals and objectives
  • marketability of the finished produce, whether by sale or lease
  • return on investment, over time and in terms of present day values
  • equity requirements and maximum exposure considerations
  • compatibility of the site characteristics and the project configuration
  • ease of obtaining the required permits and project implementation