Ghaffari Associates

Ghaffari Associates

Founded in 1980 as a California firm of urban development consultants, Ghaffari Associates has provided creative and innovative planning consulting services to architectural firms such as Flood. Meyer, Sutton & Associates and Gin Wong Associates (Los Angeles, CA).

    • Unitex Industrial Complex (1997: Xiamen, China)
    • Forest Hills Development Conceptual Plan (1996: Pune, India)
    • Intex Industrial Park (1995: Fuqing, China)
    • Canal Residential Development (1994: Hwaxi, China)
    • Hwaxi Resort Community Master Plan (1994: Hwaxi, China)
    • Huangguoshu Falls Regional Master Plan (1994: Guizhou, China)
    • Grand Metro Development Master Plan(1994: Jakarta, Indonesia)
    • Golden Dragon/Northern Jade Residential Communities (1994: Taipei, Taiwan)
    • Tenjo New Community Comprehensive Plan(1993: Jakarta, Indonesia)
    • Chang-Le Residential Community (1993: Fuzhou, China)
    • Intex Industrial Park and Residential Community (1991: Guanzhou, China)

Other large scale land use design and financial feasiblity analyses have been provided to many major land-holding clients:

    • Financial analyses of Center West Tower & Multi-Use Complex/Indivest, Inc. (1983-2006: Westwood, CA)
    • Permanente Master Plan (1992: Cupertino, CA)
    • Eastgate Commercial Center (1992: Henderson, NV)
    • Goodwill Games (1990: Los Angeles, CA)
    • Nipomo Mesa Master Plan (1990: San Luis Obispo, CA)
    • The Legendary Tennis Center (1989: Long Beach, CA)
    • Longview Farm Re-Use Studies (1987: Kansas City, MO)
    • World Cycling Championship Facilities (1986: Colorado Springs, CO)
    • Hacienda Miraflores Resort/Residential Community (1983: Malaga, Spain)
    • Tejon Ranch Master Plan & Asset Management Plan (1983: Los Angeles/Kern Counties, CA)
    • Crossroads Business Center (1981: City of Industry, CA)