Completed: 1964

General plan for a new city with an ultimate population of 250,000 persons; master plan for the initial phase including 5 village and related commercial, educational, and recreational facilities.

It was planned as a self-contained city with all services easily accessible within the city limits. We took care to design paths from the living areas to the schools and their adjacent parks so that children never needed to walk through traffic.

Valencia is recognized for the innovation of separating vehicular and pedestrian/cycling traffic through the design of an integrated network of "paseos" -– a spine of green space meandering throughout the community.

The master plan for Valencia also provides for city core functions programmed to satisfy the ultimate needs of the new town’s population. Entities in the City Core, along with those in the planned industrial area, provide employment opportunities for the residents toward the goal of housing/employment balance.

Valencia’s original concept of separation of pedestrian and vehicular traffic has become a model for many subsequent community plans. The project was undertaken as Principal Planner with Gruen Associates.