In 1947 at the age of 18, Fereydoon Ghaffari left his homeland of Iran bound for Los Angeles, California, where he would pursue an education in the sciences and math, learn English (his third language), and begin his life's journey as a world traveler, architect and urban planner.

Fereydoon's five decades of architectural and urban planning have made an enduring and positive impact on his profession and upon the next generation of planners around the globe. His innovative designs created large-scale multi-use developments attuned to the long-term needs of communities from California to China and even in his native country of Iran.

Told first in his own words and then in the afterwords of those who knew and loved him, this is the story of Fereydoon's professional passion and achievements; of the joy and kindness that defined his life; and of his warmth of character that enlightened every person who was lucky enough to have known him.